Vern Harner is an assistant professor in the School of Social Work and Criminal Justice at UW-Tacoma. As a community-embedded activist, organizer, and scholar, their work aims to amplify ongoing efforts within trans and multiply marginalized communities. Employing both quantitative and qualitative methods, Dr. Harner’s current work focuses on intracommunity support, engagement with social and health services, and quality of life of trans communities. Their dissertation, titled “Examining Trans Qualities of Life and Knowledge,” introduces and applies trans epistemic peerhood as an organizing framework for considering the impact of trans-led trans research. They hope to contribute to a strengths-based narrative in social work scholarship around trans experiences that center community strengths, survival, and thriving. Aligning with their research values, Dr. Harner brings accessibility and social justice centered pedagogy to a variety of classroom spaces, including social work history, research methods, and queer/trans practice. Dr. Harner is affiliate faculty at the Harborview Injury & Prevention Research Center and Co-Chair of the LGBTQ Caucus of Faculty & Students in Social Work